Minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Requirements for the Minor (6 cu)

Candidates for a minor must complete the following: 

  • Initial meeting with the GSWS Associate Director (by appointment)
  • Two required courses, GSWS 0002- Gender & Society and GSWS 0003- Introduction to Queer Studies
  • Four elective courses from the program's listings (or that have been agreed upon with Associate Director; see below)
  • Fill out a declare/update field of study form on Path@Penn

    You may also wish to visit the courses and/or concentration pages of this website for more information on available courses and/or meet with GSWS Associate Director, Gwendolyn Beetham to discuss courses that may count toward the minor. The most important thing to remember is that, while many courses that count toward the minor are cross-listed, there are many courses around the university that count toward the minor that are not - there are too many relevant courses offered around the university to cross-list. When in doubt, contact the GSWS Associate Director to confirm whether or not a course can be counted.

Nursing School minors:
In addition to contacting Dr. Beetham, you may also wish to visit the Health & Disability concentration page for related courses and/or contact GSWS affiliated professor Dr. Dennis Flores in the Nursing School. Nursing students may also substitute one of the required courses for the minor with (related) Nursing course, including: 

NURS 215: Nursing of Women and Infants
NURS 303/503: Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality & Health
NURS 342/542: LGBTQ Health
NURS 356: Culture of Birth
NURS 360: Case Study: Nursing Practice With HIV+ Patients
NURS 518: Nursing & Gendering of Health Care in U.S. and Internationally 1860-2000