Minor in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Requirements for the Minor

Candidates for a minor should select four courses from the program's listings and/or meet with GSWS Associate Director, Gwendolyn Beetham to discuss courses that may count toward the minor. You may also wish to visit the courses and/or concentration pages of this website for more information on available courses. The most important thing to remember is that all courses that count toward the minor are not cross-listed - there are too many relevant courses offered around the university to cross-list. When in doubt, contact the GSWS Associate Director to confirm whether or not a course can be counted.

There are two required courses, GSWS 0002- Gender & Society and GSWS 0003- Introduction to Queer Studies.

To delare a minor, you also need to fill out a declare/update field of study form on Path@Penn.

Nursing School minors:
In addition to contacting Dr. Beetham, you may also wish to visit the Health & Disability concentration page for related courses and/or contact GSWS affiliated professor Dr. Dennis Flores in the Nursing School. Nursing students may also substitute one of the required courses for the minor with (related) Nursing course, including: 

NURS 215: Nursing of Women and Infants
NURS 303/503: Contemporary Issues in Human Sexuality & Health
NURS 342/542: LGBTQ Health
NURS 356: Culture of Birth
NURS 360: Case Study: Nursing Practice With HIV+ Patients
NURS 518: Nursing & Gendering of Health Care in U.S. and Internationally 1860-2000