Request for Co-Sponsorship

To support The Center for Research in Feminist, Queer, and Transgender Studies and GSWS Program’s goal of increasing the visibility and impact of gender, sexuality and women’s studies scholarship across the University, FQT and GSWS provide financial and in-kind support to many campus-wide events each year.

The GSWS program supports a wide variety of events but especially encourages programming with educational value for undergraduates and graduate students. FQT seeks to provide intellectual enrichment and research support for faculty and graduate students. All events that fall under the broad rubric of gender, sexuality, and women's studies are eligible for co-sponsorship, but we give priority to those proposals that engage our core topics: LGBTQ studies; global feminism; and intersections of race with gender and sexuality. Priority also will be given to events/activities that include faculty and students who are affiliated with GSWS and/or FQT.

Additionally, we cap our support to $250 for student-led events and $500 for faculty-led events to give us the highest chance of offering support to the most events we can throughout the year.

The Center promotes co-sponsored events by including them in our weekly newsletter during the week they're being held, and also on the events page of the FQT/GSWS website. Please let us know as soon as possible the logistical details of the event, including title, date, time, and location. A short description of the event and any image/photo to be used in promotional materials is also appreciated.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Decisions are generally made within two weeks of receipt.

Please direct questions to: