GSWS Graduate Associate, Student Conference Coordinator


Mae Eskenazi (they/them) is a visual artist and ritualist whose interdisciplinary approach extends across sculpture, lens-based media, installation, plant medicine, and performance. Calling upon lineages of disabled/trans carework, Mae is interested in the enmeshment of BDSM, the medical industrial complex, mobility, and disability as it relates to biopolitical surveillance, control, and dichotomies of pain/pleasure. Curious about the invocation of the somatic and haptic, their work situates itself within questions of grief, memory, and collective amnesia as it unfolds beyond teleological temporalities within trans, disabled, chronically ill, and queer life.

Image Description: Image of Mae, a white transgender person with bleach blonde hair and two braids wearing a black woven sweater and a black skirt and black boots. They are sitting in a wheelchair in a carpeted room in front of the elevator.