Project Manager, Trans Oral History Archive Project


Office Location

Fisher-Bennett Hall
3340 Walnut Street
Suite 345

Nat DiFrank (They/He) is a gender and sexuality educator, LGBT community care worker, writer, and consultant. Nat is a fat, non-binary butch living in Philadelphia, PA. His work focuses on utilizing accessible and comprehensive sexuality and gender education as a form of radical community healing. With over 6 years of teaching experience and a master’s in education in human sexuality studies, Nat creates affirming and intentional spaces that foster growth, introspection, and vulnerability.  Nat’s work is trauma informed and healing focused with years of experience working with neurodivergent and disabled folks. They are the co-founder and co-facilitator of the virtual and free social and support group, Transitioning Through Apocalypse, for trans and gender expansive folks 20 and older. Currently Nat focuses their energy on intentional transgender and queer community building.