GSWS/APC Announces the Lynda S. Hart Teaching Awards

February 11, 2020

The Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program at Penn, together with the Alice Paul Center, announce a call for nominations for the first annual Lynda Hart Teaching Awards. These awards are named in honor of Penn Professor of English Lynda Hart, who taught the first queer theory course at Penn, “Feminist Theory: Queering the Literary: Theories and Fictions,” in 1995. 

The Lynda Hart Teaching Award recognizes teachers who have cultivated a learning environment that facilitates, encourages, and engages feminist critique and who prioritize inclusive classroom practices.

Two awards will be given: one to a faculty member and one to a graduate student teaching or TAing GSWS owned or GSWS cross-listed courses. 

To Donate

Kicking off the fundraising for this award, Anjali Arondekar, Associate Professor of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Cruz and a former student of Lynda Hart, said, “I am making this gift in honor of my late advisor, Professor Lynda Hart. I would not have survived my years at UPenn without her advocacy not just of feminist pedagogy but also of the rights of under-represented minorities. She made it possible for queer subjects of color, such as myself, to imagine worlds of intellectual possibility.”

Please consider making a donation to support these awards. 

To Apply

Please complete the online application and include in one document: information about the course(s) taught by the nominee, including the ways that the course(s) helps to further the GSWS program at Penn. The nomination should also outline the ways that the instructor embodies the mission of GSWS: to cultivate an inclusive learning environment that values and prioritizes inclusion, equity, and diversity through research, teaching, advocacy, activism, and community engagement, and to create a space that is affirming of all identities, including trans and non-binary identities.
Nominations, including self-nominations, should be submitted in a PDF file as part of the online application (online application for faculty / online application for students). Deadline is April 1st.