Thursday, March 18, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:30pm

Virtual via APC/GSWS YouTube & Coaxial Twitch pages at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific

This location is ADA accessible

in co-production with the Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality, and Women & COAXIAL, presents

MUCHACHES BARRIGONES, Me gusta me gusta!

Psycho-sexual cabaret, dazzling exotica Mexica import IRIS ALBA (aka Carmina Escobar) vocally teases, delights, vibrates, and penetrates her following as we masquerade and play honoring La Madre Terrible in her dark and musky caverns.

Your passports to serpentine wetness are a drink, an amuse bouche, a costume to reveal your true nature, your spirit name written in the box of your Zoom portal, and an object to sacrifice to the goddess. Otherwise, the small and frivolous playhouse manager CHENTE, (aka Asher Hartman), will, in his unthinking manner, eliminate you as a guest. Disculpas de antemano!

Andrew Niess will open for Carmina Escobar with the piece, three breathing places:

The audiovisual recording you will experience is not from a single sitting. Nor am I its performer. Rather, it is an accrual of daily meditations with an instrument that joins my breath with three other inputs: the current air quality in three cities. For this performance, those three cities are Philadelphia (where I live), Los Angeles, and Beijing. I measure air quality as a concentration of PM2.5 or fine particulate matter. Those measurements independently alter audio signals that are routed to three bone-conduction transducers attached to my skin. As I breathe, so do the transducers, vibrating my bones and inviting me to attune to scales that exceed and emplace me. Planetary change renders my skull conduit and resonator. From my breath to your headphones, I invite you to join me.


[1] PM2.5 data,

[2] AQI as measure of PM2.5,

Thank you Eugene Lew, Maria Murphy, Bryan Jacobs, and Juan Castrillón who helped along the way. 

Sponsored by
School of Arts and Sciences
Department of Music
University Research Foundation
Sachs Program in Arts Innovation
National Performance Network
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