Professor of Sociology and Education

Dr. Hannum’s research focuses on education, child and youth welfare, and social inequality, particularly in China. In China, she has conducted research on gender, ethnic, and geographic disparities in education and employment, changes in the impact of education on income and occupational attainment under market reforms, rural teachers and their links to student outcomes, and children's and adolescents' welfare under market reforms. Recent publications include "Beyond Cost: Rural Perspectives on Barriers to Education." (with Jennifer Adams, in Creating Wealth and Poverty in China, edited by Deborah Davis and Wang Feng, 2008, Stanford University Press) and “Gender‐Based Employment Differences in Urban China: Considering the Contributions of Marriage and Parenthood.” (with Yuping Zhang and Meiyan Wang, Social Forces, 2008). Dr. Hannum co‐directs the Gansu Survey of Children and Families, a collaborative, longitudinal study of children's welfare in rural northwest China, with Albert Park. She is a co‐editor of the series Research in Sociology of Education and the journal Comparative Education Review, and is also currently affiliated with the Department of Sociology at the University of Oxford.

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Economics, Work, and Family Law, Politics, and Public Policy