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Psyche on Campus wins APsaA Journalism Award

November 21, 2022

Psyche on Campus, the blog about teaching and learning psychoanalysis in colleges and universities that Penn Professor Max Cavitch initiated and curates, has won the 2022 Excellence in Journalism Prize from the American Psychoanalytic Association. 
The award citation reads in part:
“Promoting psychoanalytic ideas to an interdisciplinary, intergenerational, global public is a priority for APsaA. ‘Psyche on Campus’ furthers such a mission brilliantly, connecting psychoanalysis to conversations and issues of our time and highlighting psychosocial insights in an accessible form that invites participation and readership, including from undergraduates studying a diverse array of subjects.”
Psyche on Campus is an outgrowth of the Penn-PCOP collaboration and instituted by Max with the Penn undergraduate minor in psychoanalytic studies in mind.  It now has thousands of readers around the world. 
You can find the blog here: 
Should you wish to subscribe (about one email notice per month), you’ll find a box on the lower right of the home screen.  Max is always looking for additional contributions to the blog, so if you have a thought from any of your teaching, or perhaps from your first exposure to psychoanalytic ideas as a college student, please consider writing a few words. If you wish to contact Max directly about this, you’ll find his email address on the blog.