Dawn Teele and Anthea Butler interviewed on WHYY's Radio Times

November 9, 2018

This week’s midterm elections were record-breaking and historic for female candidates, with at least 100 women elected to the House of Representatives and a wave of victories for women across the country. South Dakota and Maine elected their first female governors, and Tennessee elected its first female Senator. Four women — Madeleine Dean, Mary Gay Scanlon, Chrissy Houlahan, and Susan Wild —were elected to the House in Pennsylvania, a state that previously had an all-male Congressional delegation. Nation-wide, voters supported diverse candidates, electing the first Muslim women and the first Native American women in Congress.  Soon-to-be Representative Ayanna Pressley was the first woman of color voted into Congress in her state, Massachusetts. Is 2018 the Year of the Woman? And what will happen when this new crop of female politicians step into office? 

Marty Moss-Coane interviews APC Core Faculty member Dawn Teele (Political Science) and Executive Board member, Anthea Butler (Religious and Africana Studies), as well as Kelly Dittmar and Madeleine Deane. 
Today at 10:00