Who Are We Writing For? with Emma Smith

Tuesday, October 24, 2023 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Faculty Lounge, Fisher Bennett Hall, Room 135

This location is ADA accessible

How does writing for “the general public” differ from writing for a scholarly community? What’s involved in reimagining your dissertation for a broader audience? What kinds of “public” writing can we engage in while continuing our work in scholarly journals? In this brown-bag lunchtime discussion, we will focus on issues of voice, community, genre, and multiple audiences, thinking both about ‘purely’ scholarly work and about applications of research for different publics (and asking whether this is, in fact, an either/or). Grad students are encouraged to bring issues and problems from their own research or dissertation projects to the discussion. While Professor Smith’s own work is rooted in early modern England, students working in any historical period or geographical region are very welcome and encouraged to attend, as we talk through these issues on a conceptual as well as a practical level.

Food provided. Open to all graduate students in any discipline. Registration encouraged but not required:


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