Global Discovery: Undoing Slavery

Thursday, October 12, 2023 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm


This location is ADA accessible

Explore the world virtually, both far and near, with Penn faculty members and your fellow alumni community. Each live, interactive lecture features Penn professors sharing new and innovative research on a variety of topics. Participants will have the opportunity to ask in-depth questions and are sure to learn something new in each one hour session.

Join Kathleen M. Brown in a discussion about her new book, Undoing Slavery: Bodies, Race and Rights in the Age of Abolition. The book takes a fresh look at the campaign to end slavery and highlights how abolitionists, Black as well as white, put embodied forms of liberty at the center of the struggle. Professor Brown takes abolitionist language seriously, not just as an effort to stir white empathy, but as a focus on the physical body as the basis for universal humanity and rights claims. Her argument about embodied self-sovereignty has implications for present day struggles over incarceration, police violence, and abortion. Three copies of the books will be raffled at the end of the talk.

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