Bring in the Bystander Program Training Sessions

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 (All day) to Thursday, April 6, 2023 (All day)

Sayre High School, 5800 Walnut St

This location is ADA accessible

Training sessions for the Bringing in the Bystander Program will be held at Sayre High School, 5800 Walnut St on the following days:

Day 1 - Tuesday, March 28, 3pm - 5pm
Day 2 - Monday, April 3, 3pm - 6pm
Day 3 - Thursday, April 6, 3pm - 6pm

The Successful Bystander Program, facilitated by the Center of Global Women's Health, aims to reduce societal and cultural norms that prevent youth from acting in the role of the bystander and standing up to unwanted interactions, for themselves and others. The program will utilize Bringing in the Bystander (BIB) intervention to teach individuals how to identify a situation, and safely diffuse, distract, or intervene in instances where sexual violence may occur, as well as identify risk factors for sexual violence.
The CGWH is partnering with the Netter Center-After School Program and using a peer mentoring co-facilitation model to train Penn Nursing students to co-facilitate the BIB program with West Philly High School students. In teams, they will implement the program to 100 West Philly High School students. Students will also design sexual violence prevention videos that will be shared on social media.
The program as a whole strives to implement strategies on campuses, such as improving awareness, prevention, reporting, and response systems regarding sexual violence in schools; removing/reducing barriers that prevent survivors of sexual violence from reporting and/or accessing vital resources; and demonstrating significant, proactive, and sustainable leadership to change campus culture and improve the climate around sexual assault.

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Center of Global Women's Health
Netter Center
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