Feminist Media and Organizing with Roz Lee, Jessa Lingel, and Rosemary Clark-Parsons

Wednesday, February 12, 2020 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

APC/GSWS Conference Room, Fisher-Bennett Hall, Suite 345

This location is ADA accessible

Across different feminist movements, media has played a key role.  From pamphlet and posters to zines and hashtags, media has represented and mobilized feminist praxis.  This pedagogy seminar brings together different perspectives and experiences with feminist media, with a focus on how we can bring feminist media into the classroom.  What are the throughlines that have continued to resonate across print and digital forms of feminist media?  How can we balance the advantages of digital media with the limitations of "clicktivism" and call out culture?  How can we use media to build intersectional and inter-generational coalitions of feminist politics? Join Roz Lee, APC Professor of Practice, Jessa Lingel, Assistant Professor of Communication, Annenberg, and Rosemary Clark-Parsons, Associate Director, Center on Digital Culture, Annenberg and APC Research Affiliate for this important and timely discussion.

Please RSVP. Lunch will be provided.

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