Feminist Pedagogy Zine Making Workshop

Monday, April 8, 2019 - 1:30pm to 3:00pm

GSWS/APC Conference Room | Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 345 

This location is ADA accessible

Zines have been a powerful tool for feminist politics and communities, and for gathering historically-marginalized voices, practices and ideas.  How can zines help articulate a feminist set of ethics for teaching?  What would a zine for feminist pedagogy be able to teach us?

This zine-making workshop has two parts: in the first session, we will brainstorm and plan a zine on feminist pedagogy. Working collaboratively, we will develop key themes for the zine, solicit contributions and draft ideas. 

In the second session, we will bring all of our solicited and written content together and start zine production.  Put another way, in session one, we talk, brainstorm, outline, draw and write.  In session two, we cut, paste, copy and staple. The aim is for this workshop to be as collaborative and inclusive as possible. All perspectives on and experiences of feminist teaching and learning practices are welcome!