Municipal Law & The Sex Industries: Space, Time And Moral Geographies

Monday, January 28, 2019 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Mitchell Auditorium,  Bossone Research Center, Drexel University 

3140 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

This location is ADA accessible

Phil Hubbard, Professor of Urban Studies, King’s College London , will present "Municipal Law & the Sex Industries: Space, Time, and Moral Geographies"

Though the sex industries are mainly discussed in relation to criminal law and policing, this talk will explore the role that municipal law - zoning, licensing, planning and environmental health - has on the location and nature of commercial sex in the city. Focusing on the regulation of brothels, lap dance clubs and other adult businesses, Dr. Hubbard will argue that municipal law is increasingly important in limiting the visibility of sex related businesses in the cityscape, particular in situations where the enforcement of vice laws is a low police priority. 

Drawing on recent studies in Australia, the UK, Brazil and the Netherlands, this presentation will outline how changes in the legality of different land uses has impacts upon workers, sometimes making their job safer and less precarious, other times exposing them to violence and forms of illegality, and will make the case for the recognition of sex businesses as a legal category of land use, with assessment of their appropriate location in the city based on objective assessment of their environmental impacts, rather than prejudicial perceptions of immorality.


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Drexel University Department of Sociology Faculty Development Award
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