Responding to Student Disclosure of Sexual Violence

Wednesday, November 15, 2017 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm

Fisher-Bennett Hall, Room 330

Facilitated by Jessica Mertz, Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Education at Penn, and Litty Paxton, Director of the Penn Women's Center

If a student discloses an occurrence of sexual violence, would you know what to do? What resources are available to your students and to you as an instructor? How might we navigate these traumatic issues both inside and outside the classroom? This workshop is intended for graduate students, faculty, and anyone in an instructional role. We will be discussing basics such as mandatory reporting obligations and Penn resources. But we will also consider a more expansive set of best practices around pedagogy and various forms of sexual violence, including but not limited to abusive relationships, harassment, stalking, and sexual assault. We will work through a number of scenarios in which disclosure by a student might occur and strategies for responding.

This event is sponsored by the English department and open to the public.


A light lunch will be served.

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Eleni Palis
Najnin Islam
Stephanie Scherer
Brooke Stanley

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