Film Screening and Director Q&A: After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women

Tuesday, October 24, 2017 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Arch Building, Room 208, 3601 Locust Walk

Open to the public.


Please join us for the Philadelphia premiere of the critically acclaimed documentary film After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director, Jon Kean, Penn alum, C’89.

Sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania Jewish Studies Program and the Department of History.
Free and open to the public. No RSVP necessary. For more information: E-Mail or Call 215-898-6654
Please bring PennID or photo ID for admission.

About the Film After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women

Directed by Philadelphia native, Jon Kean (Friends’ Central ’85, University of Pennsylvania ’89), After Auschwitz is the first documentary to focus solely on the experiences of survivors from the day of liberation until today.

After Auschwitz is a “Post-Holocaust” documentary that follows six extraordinary women, capturing what it means to move from tragedy and trauma towards life. These women all moved to the United States, married, raised children and became “Americans,” but they never truly found a place to call home. What makes the story so much more fascinating is how these women saw, interpreted and interacted with the changing face of America in the second half of the 20th century. They serve as our guides on an unbelievable journey, sometimes celebratory, sometimes heart breaking but always inspiring. In these complicated political times, After Auschwitz reminds us that if we need to examine the country we have been in order to see the country that we want to be.

Dr. Marilyn Harran, Director of the Rodgers Holocaust Center at Chapman University called the film “A powerful tribute to Holocaust memory and life lived forward.” Dr. Yuval Neria, Director of the PTSD Research Center at Columbia University Medical Center said “[I am] impressed by the resilience of the survivors, their capacity to experience the trauma and loss, to mourn for a while, but then to find a way to regain a sense of purpose, and sticking to life ….very impressive.”

After Auschwitz: The Stories of Six Women was first screened in March, 2017. Still in pre-release screenings, the film has played at major universities and museums, as well as various film festivals where it has won four awards to date. A national theatrical release is scheduled for January, 2018 in partnership with Philadelphia-based company, Specticast.

Bala Cynwyd Productions:
Founded by Philadelphia native Jon Kean in 2003, Bala Cynwyd Productions is a documentary film production house devoted to “story first” films. The focus is always on the subjects and their stories, guided by the belief that through smaller, personal experiences an audience can form a more complete view of the subject.


For questions about the film, please contact Jon Kean at or visit

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