Pedagogy Seminar: "Changing Perspectives: How to Give Voice to the Voiceless in the Classroom" with Julia Wilker (

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 - 9:30am

Courses in the humanities and social sciences often encounter the problem that the primary sources (literary texts, official documents, material artifacts, and pieces of art) feature only a one-sided view that doesn't give a voice to marginalized groups. Women, slaves, the poor, immigrants, and children are confined to the background or assigned stereotypical roles; issues such as race, gender, sexism, economic problems, and social problems are not addressed. This seminar discusses teaching strategies and techniques to bring students to engage with these issues despite silences, to identify biased accounts, change perspectives, and raise questions that look behind the surface.

This seminar will take place in the Silverstein Forum of Stiteler Hall. Please RSVP below to reserve your lunch.

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