Graduate Pedagogy Seminar "One Course, Many Kinds of Students: Teaching Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Across the

Monday, October 21, 2013 - 9:30am

Please join us in Room 436, Cohen Hall for this installment of the Graduate Student Pedagogy Seminar Series featuring Prof. Lance Wahlert (Medical Ethics and Health Policy).  

It’s an inherent dilemma in teaching any gender and sexuality studies based class that students come to the course with disparate familiarities with the subject area and with different kinds of expertise.  What to do when one is teaching a class (undergraduate or graduate) in which the student population explicitly comes from various branches of the university at large?  How do we teach gender, sexuality, and women’s studies in a single class that is populated by students from the schools of Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Dentistry, and Engineering, to name a few?  This session of the Penn GSWS Pedagogy Series for Graduate Students will examine the above teaching scenario by examining sample syllabuses, lesson plans, and lecture tactics that speak to how to “pitch” a GSWS-themed class to a diverse student population.

To attend this session and receive any required materials, please RSVP (below). Lunch will be served! 

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