Graduate Pedagogy Seminar "Navigating Hierarchies in the Academy" with Melissa Sanchez

Thursday, September 26, 2013 - 9:30am

Please join us in Room 436, Cohen Hall for this installment of the Graduate Student Pedagogy Seminar Series featuring Prof. Melissa Sanchez (English).  

This seminar will address an aspect of professional life that is rarely confronted directly: the fraught landscape of academic hierarchy. Hierarchies and norms of seniority, prestige, gender, race, class, and sexuality shape a considerable part of professional experience for graduate students and younger scholars, and they often shape decisions about research and teaching. This seminar will offer a forum to discuss frankly the power structures that shape relationships with colleagues in both one's immediate department and in the larger literary profession. We will consider the effects of academic hierarchies on contents of and approaches to scholarship and teaching, and we will discuss practical strategies for navigating  these hierarchies.

To attend this session and receive any required materials, please RSVP (below). Lunch will be served! 

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