Masculinity, Violence, and Affective Economies @ the Muslim Masculinities Symposium: Gender, Religion, and the Everyday.

Muslim Masculinities: Gender, Religion, and the Everyday brings together Penn, national, and international scholars examining Muslim masculinities in all their complexities within and beyond the United States. This panel explores Masculinity, Violence, and Affective Economies:

Killing Children, Honour Crimes, and Queer Masculinity in the Making of War, Natalie Kouri-Towe, University of Pittsburgh

Constructing the Terrorist-Monster in the News: Muslim masculinities and Mediatized Culture-Talk, Mariam Durrani, Hamilton College

Western Foreign Fighters and the Islamic State, Joshua Roose, Australian Catholic University, Australia

Sporting Cultures between “model minority” and “terrorist", Stanley Thangaraj, City College of NewYork

Sexual economies of war and sexual technologies of the body: Militarised Muslim masculinity and the Islamist production of concubines for the caliphate, Fatima Seedat, University of Cape Town

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