Order your copy of the Feminist Teaching & Learning Zine!

Partnering with the Alice Paul Center, a collective of students, activists and teachers at the University of Pennsylvania created an accessible and inclusive zine that offers a partial dialogue on how feminist ethics and ideals play out in the classroom, whether that classroom is in a university or on the street, in a computer lab or in the kitchen, on social media or in person. Our call for contributors drew submissions from students, activists, librarians, educators and others interested a feminist conversation about teaching and learning.

What is a zine?

It’s a DIY, self-published document that tends to talk about politics and everyday life. Zines have roots in feminist, punk and anarchist communities. For more info, see here, here and here.

Who is this zine for?

This zine is meant for people who want to learn about feminist teaching and learning. We want this zine to be a conversation about planning courses, creating syllabuses, facilitating inclusive discussions, navigating one-on-one teachable moments, fostering accessible learning environments, and more.

How can you get a copy?

The Alice Paul Center is offering the Zine free of charge. To get your copy, email your name, address and number of copies you want (up to 5/person or organization is free) to Feminist Teaching & Learning Zine with "Zine" in the subject line.