Gender Jawn S3 E6: Minerva Parker Nichols: The Search for a Forgotten Architect

This month’s episode is all about Minerva Parker Nichols, the subject of a groundbreaking exhibition, presented by the Architectural Archives at the University of Pennsylvania Stuart Weiztman School of Design that will be showing Tuesday March 21st through Saturday June 17th this year. The exhibition tells the story of Minerva Parker Nichols, the first woman in the U.S. to practice architecture independently, with an office in Philly and commissions nationwide. It’s an exhibition that not only focuses on the groundbreaking work of this architect but also the implications for the history of representation in the field of design more broadly.

This episode features a discussion with Molly Lester, Associate Director of the Urban Heritage Project, based in the Weitzman School of Design's Graduate Program for Historic Preservation and PennPraxis, who has been researching Minerva Parker Nichols for over a decade. Molly is joined by Carrie Baker, Chair of American Studies and Professor of the Study of Women and Gender at Smith College, and great grand-daughter of Minerva Parker Nichols.

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