Gender Jawn S2 E9: Stages, artmaking, and end of life caregiving with Rachel Kauder Nalebuff

In this last episode on this year’s theme, "Care for the Future," Tamir Williams speaks with Rachel Kauder Nalebuff about her genre-bending book Stages: On dying, working, and feeling. Kauder discusses her experience as an artist-in-residence at an elder care facility in the Bronx, NYC; the lessons she learned from staff members at the nursing home about dying, grief, time, and caregiving; and her expansive dreams for what end of life carework systems could look like in the future.

You can purchase Stages directly from Thick Press. And you can pre-order her forthcoming Our Red Book.

recording of the theatrical production that Nalebuff created with staff members at the elder care facility is available. 

Episode produced by Tamir Williams.

Original music by David Chavannes:

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