Gender Jawn S2 E8: Trans Care with Hil Malatino

Hil Malatino discusses how his work on care draws from and expands upon the genealogy of feminist work on care ethics and why we should examine not only the positive, but also the negative affects of trans lives - from burnout, to fatigue, to numbness. Malatino also provides an account of the state of Trans Studies today, pointing to the continued marginalization of trans scholars and Trans Studies in the academy. Citing the recent - and nationwide - attacks on trans rights, the episode concludes with a call to provide extensive support for Trans Studies now. 

Check out Trans Care and Side Affects: On Beings Trans and Feeling Bad, both from University of Minnesota Press, as well as the most recent edition of Transgender Studies Quarterly, The t4t Issue, edited by Cameron Awkward-Rich and Hil Malatino.

You can attend the Side Affects book launch on Tuesday April 12th at 7pm ET. 

Episode produced by Tamir Williams.

Original music by David Chavannes:

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