Gender Jawn: S1 E7. The Case for PILOTs at Penn

This episode offers an overview of the campaign for Penn to participate in a PILOT program with the city of Philadelphia. As a nonprofit, Penn is not required to pay property taxes, which provide a substantial part of the funding for the Philadelphia public school district. Members of Penn for PILOTs Mary Summers, Akira Drake Rodgriguez, and Amy Offner make the case for why Penn should make payments in lieu of taxes to fund public education in Philly.

Original Music by David Chavannes

For more information about the Alice Paul Center visit
For more information on the campaign for PILOTs at Penn, check out  
Additional sonic material excerpted from 6abc Action News, WPVI-TV Philadelphia, and Good morning America.
Testimonies from Penn History professor Ann Farnsworth Alvear and Central High School student Lin Lin are from the Committee Hearing on Children and Youth in March.
Testimony from Education professor Gerald Campano comes from a Penn for PILOTs Update Session.