Gender Jawn: Podcast Relaunch with David Chavannes

             Gender  Jawn 
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Gender Jawn is a podcast about the politics, practices, performances, and pedagogies of gender & sexuality, sponsored by the Alice Paul Center for Research on Gender, Sexuality, and Women at the University of Pennsylvania. Each month we engage thinkers, creatives, organizers, and researchers to think through pressing questions in the field of gender & sexuality studies. Check out Gender Jawn on apple podcasts & spotify.

The Alice Paul Center (APC) podcast series relaunches as Gender Jawn with original music composed by the first ever APC Graduate Artist in Residence, David Chavannes. APC Interim Associate Director Maria Murphy asks David about his performance and scholarly work, which critical theorists he’d rather sing to, write with, or drink with, and his take on making research in the North Atlantic academic industry. This show includes the works “mel’s son” (2018) by David Chavannes as well as “different” (2019) and “la dame aux chapeaux” (2019) by David Chavannes and Talie Cerin.

Original Music by David Chavannes:

Talie Cerin’s new album Solèy Midi: