Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Senior Thesis Award in Women's Studies

The Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Prize awards $250 each year for a superior senior thesis paper in the field of Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies. The prize is named in honor of distinguished historian Carroll Smith-Rosenberg, a founder of the Women's Studies Program at Penn. 

To apply, please submit your paper to with the subject header "Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Prize submission." Include a cover sheet with the title “Carroll Smith-Rosenberg Prize” and the title of your paper, your name, and your contact information (your major, your advisor, your email address).

 Deadline for submissions: 12 pm, Monday, March 25th, 2024

Recent Award Recipients

Jin Byun

(Honorable Mention) "If I have to be fiery, I'll be fiery": How Women Respond to Harassment in Online Videogames
Sof Sears
GSWS, English

Sarah Finklestein
Health & Societies

(Honorable Mention) Rediscovering a Space for Caregiving in Professional Medicine: A History of Modern Doula Care, Professionalization, and Caregiving
Zarina Iman

On the Tails of The Trade: Enslaved Women, Slave Traders, and the Households They Shared
Simran Chand
GSWS & Biology

Familial Sexual Education for South Asian American Undergraduates and its Implications on Sexual Well-being
Catherine Campbell
History and Sociology of Science

“But if you could see the difference the library and a woman has made in that place!”: Taking Care of Men and Books in World War I
Chloe Tan

Matters of Heart(land): Housing Kinship, and State Power in Singapore
Lea Eisenstein
History and Sociology of Science

From Icon to Bygone: The Rise and Fall of the Diaphragm in Twentieth-Century America
Alisa Feldman

Be Fruitful and Medicalize: IVF Risk Communication and the Politics of Assisted Reproduction in Israel
Abbie Starker

Sex Education and Sexual Violence Prevention: School-Based Sex Education’s Failure to Teach Students about Healthy and Unhealthy Relationship Behavior
Sheila Shankar

South Asian American Women's Voices: Narratives of Resistance, Isolation, and Belonging
Joanna Kamhi

College Campus Based Women's Centers
Arielle Pardes

The Birds, the Bees, and the Swedes: Exploring the Role of Pleasure in Swedish Sex Education